Life for each of us is a circle: we’re born, we grow up, we work, and we are often careless with the people who are all around us every day. Our life is a lesson. And as it is, it teaches us to respect and to take care of our friends, colleagues and relatives. The circle will be closed when our pursuits on earth are over. Only at that time, we will know whether our soul will be doomed. Clover Loveover is the pseudonym of an emerging Neapolitan screenwriter who made his debut with two screenplays whose titles seem to be contained in his nickname. The scene at the gas station really happened, not to the author, but to a friend of his in America who told him about it during his stay in China. It is a scene that the author used as the beginning of a prelude of change of the main character. Because the main character is Wen Quan, and not Marc, as most could think. “OVER UP” is a drama about how three people, an Italian screenwriter in China, a corrupt policeman and a veterinarian woman, both Chinese, meet. Or better. They collide because they are all in their cars. The only one to suffer the consequences is the young veterinarian who will remain retarded for the rest of her short life she has left, the time it takes her to fall in love with the Italian screenwriter, and after also his death by hypoglycemia, its consequences and the life change that the corrupt cop has, passing on his teachings to his son he had with a disabled girl. A completely different story is “OVER DOWN”, a thriller between teenagers who are the absolute protagonists, sucked into their school and family tragedies, seasoned with light horror streaks. And it takes place in our lovely Italy. This explains the brain on the cover of “OVER UP”, because it is from there that the impulses of life start and return. And this is also explained the stomach on the cover of “OVER DOWN”: it is our second brain, and it is from there that the suffering turns into the typical anger of teenagers. “OVER DOWN” is the story of Edna, an aggressive, overweight girl, left alone at home by her father who is always away for his job as orthopedic surgeon, his life torns between more than one mistress, and a homosexual friend obsessed from his constant absence. It is the story of his mother, who died in what apparently appears a trivial domestic accident. The only living memory left to Edna of her mother is when they played blind man’s buff, so much so that, often it still seems to her to see her wandering around the house, in a mixture of reality and dreamlike visions, It is the story of Matilda, her best friend, temperamentally the opposite of Edna: shy, introverted, slim and pretty, with her parents absent for a few weeks due to her grandfather rushed to a hospital outside the city. Despite their polar opposite characters, something subtle and extreme manages to keep them together. Matilda, weak naturally, in spite of herself enters into symbiosis with her and, wanting at all costs to be like her, decides to gain weight with a diet based on all sorts of chocolate that will lead her to menstrual imbalances, gum redness and skin resulting in hair loss.

Autore: Dario Russo
Lingua: Inglese
Copertina lucida flessibile 164 pagine

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