This screenplay has a science fiction flavor with classic 80s and 90s veins, designated as final feature film of the TV series “Here or there 2 – The Lodge”. The initial title was to be “The Signal” as it appears for a fraction of a second in the credits of the last episode of the second series, a project that was to be financed by Guangxi University of China, in Nanning, where Dario Russo was a professor, but that everything fell apart when his contract of employment expired. And nothing more was done.
The story unfolds in a present made up of everyday life that, from day to night, turns into a land wapped by zombie-vampires, and only someone like Marc still wakes up intact of his body and personality. Why’? Marc soon arrives at the terminus surrounded by a horde of ravenous zombie-vampires. But he will be teleported aboard a spaceship where those from the future explain to him how he was catapulted from his era into the era of zombies-vampires. The work assigned to Marc, without his being made aware of it, is to restore the eras of the various worlds. And to rewrite the pages of the Holy Bible that have now become blank due to the now unbelieving of mankind, lost in an era of pure consumerism.
Curious recall that about the black woman and white man paired with Marc’s double, who are the characters played by Clover Johnston and Gianmaria Lugoboni in the second episode of the second series “A dangerous love”.
The Human Figure is a tribute to the Rockets, a French band very famous more in Italy than in their homeland, a band that instead of riding the ’70s with long hair as usual in those years, they preferred to shave them to zero and put on a silvery greasepaint, much more suited for their Martians roles. And the spaceship head is inspired by the head of their front man Christian Le Bartz, as it appeared on the stages during their last live concerts.
The Silver Woman serial number was Dario Russo’s mobile number in China.
The food pills are borrowed from an old Rai TV series whose “A” does not remember its name. But he remembers, however, that they were pills of happiness, instead of pills to satisfy hunger.
The symbol of the hands of the Peace Park is the same as of a small park in Nanning called the Peace Park, where the whole scene should have been shot.
The author, a debutant at the time, was a Roman also in Nanning in those years, to whom Dario Russo asked to write this screenplay, and whose shooting set was between the Lang Dong area and the countryside of Nanning.
So here are some Chinese names in the script.
The author in the beginning chose to sign the screenplay with his real name.
Today he prefers to use this unusual stage name of “A”, including quotation marks.

Autore: Dario Russo
Lingua: Inglese
Copertina lucida flessibile 170 pagine

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